Leadership Team

The Leadership Team

Amit Halder
Founder & CEO

Amit brings with himself a vast knowledge covering 20 – years of versatile and varied work and life experience. His in-depth involvement in Telecom and Information Technology space has made him the knowledge bank of the domain.

A visionary and a creator by nature, Amit has developed keen insights in technology & engineering fields and is widely networked across Asia, North America and UK. He continues to be associated with many Fortune 500 companies that are seeking to establish their footprints in the Asian sub-continent.

He is also the founder and CEO of Intelikore Corporation, a mid-sized California based corporation offering professional services and high-end technology consulting to many clients in the United States of America. He is the Founder CEO of CADeploy Engineering Private Limited, the pionneers in Steel Detaining in Hyderabad.

True to his being a visionary, Amit has come up with yet another initiative, in the field of Education through training and developing the individuals…both professionals and the aspiring yet-to-be professionals. With a single-minded dedication that is unique to his nature, he founded ChrysalisLabs , to spearhead the venture.